Terms and Conditions

General Terms and Conditions (GTC) – Four Avenues Film Production

1- Services

Four Avenues Film Production commits to providing the services listed in the offer in a timely and professional manner. Additional efforts due to delays caudes by third parties or unforeseen events outside of our control do not result in liability for delayed deliveries.

2 - Offer and Additional Efforts

The agreed services are determined by the content of the written offer. Additional efforts that go beyond the content of the offer and are requested by the client will be charged additionally according to the agreed rate.

3 - Copyrights

The copyrights to all works created during the production (images, sound, text material, and final product) remain with Four Avenues Film Production. The client may use the final product for the purposes defined in the offer. Any further use or editing requires the written consent of Four Avenues Film Production. Redistribution of the final product or parts thereof without consent is prohibited.

4 - Third Party Copyrights

If third-party material is used in the product, it will be disclosed as far as know. Compensation for third-party copyrights not included in the offer is the responsibility of the client. Four Avenues Film Production is entitled to charge the client for costs incurred from the use of third-party material.

5 - Compensation

Four Avenues Film Production receives compensation for its services, the amount of which is based on the respective production contract/offer. All prices are net plus applicable.