What’s Four Avenues?

We are a production company based in Zürich, specialized in video and photo production.
We offer high quality and professional work to each of our clients.
Four Avenues comes from the fusion of ideas of our two founders, always devoted to create a significant and memorable impact in the industry with their knowledge.

Four Avenues transforms your creative vision into impactful pieces of visual content

Our primary goal is to elevate our client’s brand with captivating, elegant and exceptional quality content, helping them to connect at best with their audience.
At Four Avenues we are always trying to understand at best our client wishes and we accompany them through the entire process to make sure we give that initial essence to the final product.

Pierangelo Barone

Co- founder
Born in Valencia, Venezuela. His journey of photography began in 2017 while being in Australia. He started his film making career in Zurich, Switzerland in 2020. From where he has worked as director of photography and colorist for his own production and to other professionals. He has traveled to 9 different countries since he started working in this industry, having the opportunity to collaborate with different minds and cultures which helped him to enrich his knowledge in the field. He’s specialized in the Commercial, Fashion and Music industries and loves to always explore new horizons.

Edgar Hernandez

Co- founder
A passionate Photographer and Director born in Venezuela and based in Switzerland, with over 20 years of experience in the field. He's specialized in Portraits, fashion and beauty when it comes to photography. Using his directing skills he loves to add story to his photography pieces. He's had the privilege to work with magazines, fashion designers, renowned brands and famous models throughout his career. Every image he captures reflects his meticulous and creative approach to art, conveying powerful emotions and narratives. He's exited to welcome you into his world, where stories come to life with every click of his camera.

Pier Nicola Barone

Social Media Manager
Born in Venezuela and grew up in Italy, he had the chance to travel the world discovering many new cultures. As an Ex-chef he had the chance to discover art in it’s purest form, soon creating the perfect plate wasn’t enough anymore so he started trying other forms of art. He finally found he’s light when he started making videos. He’s also a social media addict, always trying to find the way to reach new people and studying to keep up with the algorithm.

Our Video and Photo services extend to private clients and major brands mostly focusing on Fashion, Beauty, Food, Corporate, and Music Videos. We produce commercials, documentaries, and branded video content for the Web, TV, and social media. For large established corporations, Small and Medium Enterprises, and start-ups.